Wednesday 18 January 2012

The Great White North

We have very little snow in town (as of this writing) but they got walloped in the valley.
Today's forecast high is -6º C or 21º American. 
An 'Arctic Outflow Warning" means temps could drop to 20º below.
I'll believe it when it happens.

Joyce-Collingwood Station


s.c said...

Beautiful shot. Tracks in my opinion have always a nice effect by the geometrical pattern that they make here still starker by the black and white effect of the snow.Well done Wayne.

Lowell said...

I love this perspective and the gorgeous light. Sorry about the cold weather! Not fun!

Nellies said...

What a beautiful photo. The train ahead, the sky, the snow (even though it is just a little bit), very well captured.

CaT said...

very pretty...!
we had some snow here as well. but then yesterday it was rather warm and it thus all melted again.. so disappointing..

Anonymous said...

They're much more lenient in Canada. Out here you get a ticket if you stand on the tracks.

WV: Hornsca. Must be a Scandinavian instrument.

Paul in Powell River said...

Great shot! - a dusting of overnight snow is all we've had, so far, but -7°C is cold enough for me, thank you!

Lorelle said...

I love it, in the puget sound they are referring to the snow as "snowmageddon"!

RedPat said...

Love the shot Randy!