Thursday 19 January 2012

Rolling!, Action!

I wouldn't give a movie shoot a second glance except that they can be fodder for the old blog-aroo.
This scene involved bank robbers firing automatic weapons of some sort during the getaway.
The movie is called Out Of Time. 
It's Canadian. 
No one will watch it.

p.s. it only got to about -4ÂșC yesterday. I suppose there was some wind chill at times.

Cambie St. at W. Pender St.


Andy said...

Do just happen to stumble upon scenes like this or do plan them?

Wayne said...

Andy, I stumble from one day to the next. There is no plan.

Lowell said...

I love to watch 'em shoot's only happened to me a couple of times but I find it fascinating. Why shoot a movie in Canada in the winter, though. A rewrite is in order with a setting in Bermuda!

CaT said...

happened only once to me and i was really disappointed we missed all the action...
"its canadian" and "no one will watch it" is the latter a result of the first?

Wayne said...

There must be some good Canadian movies CaT but I can't think of any.

At first Vancouver was popular because the exchange rate was very favourable to US companies. Now the $ is at par but Vancouver has experienced and highly regarded crews. Plus, I think there are tax breaks.

And it's always sunny and warm. :-)