Tuesday 17 January 2012

A Few Centimeters Of Snow

This should have been yesterday's post but we had to bump it for a hot news item.
Taken in New Westminster from a moving Skytrain car with dirty windows.
The fog is on the Fraser River.

Fraser Cemetery, New Westminster, B.C.


s.c said...

Beautiful shot Wayne.

Taken For Granted said...

Great photo, but nothing colder than a January cemetery.

Lorelle said...

I never would have known you were moving. Loving the snow. Out at my house by the lake we got a foot of snow and more towards the bay it was about half.

alex said...

so beautiful. life always looks so peaceful from afar, especially when it's covered with a layer of snow.

Virginia said...

WEll I got wind of snow in Lotusville via later posts so I scrolled down to see if you had one of the cemetery. This looks like one to me.