Wednesday 24 February 2010


Dave, aka 'devo' is a Carnival Band drummer. He has an infinite combination of costumes.

It just so happened that he parked himself in front of this poster when the band played on Granville Island this weekend.

The band is back on Granville Island Wed. Thurs. Fri. and Sat. Sadly our sunny weather seems to have left town for a few days.


Virginia said...

Oh now that one knocks my socks off. Wheww! Terrific composition. LURV the shades too.:)

Kim said...

He reminds me of Robin Williams on his way to a Shriners Convention :-). Tres chic!
The guy behind him has a forehead and brows like my dad! Perhaps it is the angel on his shoulder :-).

Chuck Pefley said...

LOL!! Looks to me like he's paddling about as fast as he can to get away!

Very nice, Wayne!