Thursday 25 February 2010

Gilford Street (plus a bonus video)

The sun has left for ..... sunnier climes?

It's grey and damp now.

I took this a few weeks ago and never got around to posting it.

The Olympics are still going strong but I'm busy with the band and haven't had much time or been in the mood to mingle with the crowds in my spare time.

As promised, and at no additional charge, a bonus video!

The band is filmed quite often but the results don't always make their way back to us.

Filmed by Ben of Big Nazo, this is the wildest Carnival Band video so far.

This was taken during one of the band's sets at Winterruption.

Please tell your friends, this video deserves to get lots of hits.


Virginia said...

Crack me up. In person, those rubber dudes would scare me to death, and I think my grandson would be too! Fun video!'V

Anonymous said...

That was great! Where were you? Were you a rubber head?

Wayne said...

I watched it a few times Karin. Thankfully I didn't show up in these scenes. There are heads available for the band to wear and some of them have worn them. They're hot. The Big Nazo characters are dripping wet when the parades are over.

V. you're a wuss!