Monday 25 May 2009

Built Like A Brick Schoolhouse

I've pointed out in previous posts that many of Vancouver's schools have stood the test of time. Whether this is due more to good maintenance or highly durable construction I can't really say. Possibly equal parts of both. 

The original section of Lord Strathcona Elementary was built in 1891 and is still in daily use. I've walked by many times and even taken pictures before but it was only last week that I noticed the fan detail under eave. 

Modern architecture is all fine and dandy but they don't (and can't) build them like this any more. 


Laurie Allee said...

Now that's just gorgeous!

Virginia said...

Love the angle you chose on this one W. This is a lovely old schoolhouse. I like it better than most modern structures anyday.

~Cheryl said...

What a wonderful building. You're right... they don't make them like this any more. Glad you photographed it!

-K- said...

I'm gonna guess that there's also something psychologically effective to be taught in school made of brick and bult to last more than a hundred years.

And to be taught, as many students in LA are, in flimsy trailers tells students how low of a priority they are.