Sunday 24 May 2009

Mortar Boards

The day I went to photograph the Museum of Anthropology I was surprised to find it was graduation time at UBC. 

These kids must have been waiting their turn to go into the auditorium to receive their diplomas. 

Far be it from me to tell Starbucks how to run their business. But with a captive crowd of university grads about to enter the workforce I think they should have had a recruiter somewhere on the premises. 


Babzy.B said...

nice shot , very strange for us to see the students dressed like this ;)

Laurie Allee said...

Wayne, this is such a gorgeous shot. I love the perspective with that great diagonal line.

And speaking of Starbucks... I need more coffee this morning!

Virginia said...

Speaking of Starbucks, I might need some to make me go to sleep tonight. I think the teensy nap I had may have rewired my head. That's why I'm blogging when I should be long gone.

I like the diagonal line with that zig zaggy pattern too. At least all the shyster ( I know the spelling doesn't look right but I did look it up) bankers weren't out there trying to lure those grads!

Copenhagen said...

UBC is a beautiful University. It's almost like its own small town.