Thursday 2 April 2009

Float Homes

This post was created months ago but at the time I figured I'd just about worn out the tour of Granville Island. But without the luxury of oodles of images to choose from I'm using it now.

I don't know much about float homes. There are a few different communities around Metro Vancouver. I do feel comfortable in speculating that it isn't cheap to live at this one at Granville Island. 


Halcyon said...

It's quite a nice looking place. It looks like it was designed by an architect.

Anonymous said...

A great shot of these most appealing homes. The idea is quite romantic, but I'm not sure it's for everyone.

Virginia said...

How much did you pay that bird?

Babzy.B said...

nice shot, the bird on the top was posing for you , i don't know if i'd like to live in a floated house , a bit humid ;)

Ken Mac said...

love that wood!

~Cheryl said...

Very interesting! I hope I remember to check these out the next time we are in Vancouver.

NancyN said...

Hi Wayne - I love these homes - they come with waterfront moorage for your boat -- rent for about $5,000 a month! Location: Granville Island, Vancouver, B.C. (Sea Village)
Size: 1300 sq ft approx.
Bedrooms: 2 and den
Bathrooms: 1 1/2
Rent: $5,000 per month Turn Key (fully Furnished)