Monday 8 December 2008


Broadway and Commercial Drive in East Vancouver.

The two Skytrain lines, Millennium and Expo, converge here.

I'm on a train trip to Toronto but I'll be checking in whenever I have internet access. Back 12/16/08


Guy D said...

Great pic. I love Vancouver and cannot wait to return. Hopefully next year to see a Lions game when my hometown Riders are in town.

Regina In Pictures

Laurie Allee said...

Okay Wayne, our same-brain posts are getting weird.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the trip. Would love to do the Trans Canada Via Rail train journey one day.

Virginia said...

Are you having fun? Surely you are there yet. Behave and take some nice photos for us.
Hugs and smooches,

Wayne said...

I'm back so you'll have to stop talking about me. I just got in to Toronto at 0930, on time. I haven't had access to the net since Winnipeg. I'm trying to get myself caught up. More soon.

Laurie, I have over 300 posts waiting in Google Reader so I'll have to work my way to your post.

Thanks you guys.