Sunday 7 December 2008

Melville, Sask, to Winnipeg, Man.

Melville, Saskatchewan is where my dad was born and grew up. My grandfather was an engineer on the Canadian National Railway. As kids we visited our grandparents here a number of times.

The train is ahead of schedule the whole trip so far. This is an amazing difference from the train's performance on the old schedule. There was lots of time to take pics in Melville as we were there for almost an hour instead of the few minutes allowed on the schedule. 

Below is the tail end of our train, the famous Park Car and a CN freight heading west. 

It only seems to occur to me take interior shots of the train when it's under way. The result being jiggly pics. As I get more unblurred shots of the interior I'll put them up. Below is a detail of a front seat in the Park Car dome where I spend the majority of the daylight hours. 

OK, too many photos in one day. The last one is a grainy, low light shot of Winnipeg's Union Station. We had a 3 hour stop for a crew change and a train cleaning. It didn't feel too cold but it was -18ºC. which I think is about -4ºF. 


Babzy.B said...

i like the first shot ,beautiful train and the detail of the luggage on the snow ...good composition !

Virginia said...

Yes, that top one is great. Are you bored yet??Do you miss us yet???? -4 and it didn't feel so cold? YOu ain't right!

Hope said...

Nice train shots! Are you enjoying the train trip?