Sunday 15 December 2013

Somewhere In Egypt

Sunday Feature - Another Place, Another Time
This is Luxor, I think.
It wouldn't be too difficult to establish the location for certain.
But that would require more effort than I'm willing to put in.
Let's just go with my hazy recollection.

Egypt, 1987


Mo said...

I really like this image. A great angle.

Bob Crowe said...

You bet it is. I'll never forget our visit many years ago. Nice composition. Did a local come up behind you offering to show you the best views for a little baksheesh?

Wayne said...

Bob, if anyone did at Luxor I've forgotten about it. But at Ghiza a fellow let me into the Sphinx (between the legs) and whatever I paid him it was worth it.

Of course I did a rotten job of those pictures. :-)

TheChieftess said...

Don't you hate when you have a cool opportunity to something extraordinary and the pics miss the beat???

Love your shot of Luxor! I've never been, but was pretty sure you were right...guess I've seen a few pics!!!