Saturday 14 December 2013

Simple Arithmetic

Portland Skyline
This is the view of the Portland skyline from my hotel room.
It's an interesting view but doesn't have any direct correlation to math (as far as I'm concerned).
But here's the thing:  

I like Flickr, without it my photos would have had very limited public exposure indeed.
Flickr has been making lots of changes lately, too many in my opinion but I'm relatively placid about it.
Some Flickr members are apoplectic.
One area where Flickr has a problem that either, depending on the day, annoys me or makes me smile, is their recent inability to track stats as seen below.
Whatever else computers are good for, from day one they've been wizards at basic addition.
And other math stuff I can't even do in my head.

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Revrunner said...

I blame it all on all those horrid algorithms. :-)