Sunday 8 September 2013

La Tour

Sunday Feature - Another Place, Another Time
In 1985 I probably thought this was a pretty clever shot.
Since then I've been checking around and ...
... turns out it's not all that original.


Stefan Jansson said...

I was there that summer. I was on the ground shooting multiple photos with my analogue Chinon for a cool paper panorama!

Stephanie said...

Perhaps not, Wayne, but you just gave me a fabulous perspective and feeling like being right there as I have never been to Paris. I love it!

TheChieftess said...

Well...I've never taken that perspective!!! I like it!!!

Bob Crowe said...

Yeah, but it still looks pretty cool.

Your current header makes me think of a devastating meteor impact.

Wayne said...

Your imagination knows no bounds Bob :-)

The photo was taken almost 30 years ago, a lot has changed and not much has changed.

Thanks for the comments.