Tuesday 16 July 2013

Yo-Yo Boy

Harrison is an amazing Yo-Yoer, (YoYoist?).
He was raising money at the Khatsahlano Festival to get to the Yo-Yo World Championships

Trivial Pursuit: Harvey Lowe, the 'Yo-Yo Man' on the Smothers Brothers Show, was from Vancouver.



Stefan Jansson said...

This has been a trend that has come and gone many times in my area. I remember it as great fun, didn't know about the world championships. I hope Harrison makes it.

Stephanie said...

My sister was a yoyo fan in her youth, won many contests. Nice to see this event still takes place.

Anonymous said...

It's a yo-yo, Ma!

hamilton said...

Oh my, I'd forgotten about the Yo Yo Man from the Smothers Brothers. I was never very good at it, but it's great this youngster is giving it a whirl.