Monday 15 July 2013

Festival Season

Being retired is all fine and dandy but it's not as easy as you'd think.
Every day I have to dream up something to photograph or some nebulous errand to get me out and about.
Fortunately, at this time of year, there are lots of events, not to mention sunny days.
This was taken on Saturday on West 4th at the Khatsahlano (Kitsilano) Festival.
The crowd extended equally far in the other direction too.
Now, what to do tomorrow?


hamilton said...

After dealing with those crowds, I'd be tempted to capture the view from my front window!

Stephanie said...

I don't do well in crowds. I avoid them at all possible cost. A friend of mine was there on Saturday as well. Nice shot though!

TheChieftess said...

Retired??? You??? That'll be the day!!!

CaT said...

unfortunately i have the same... only i should be jobhunting... :(