Monday 16 January 2012

Brush With Fame

The Carnival Band played at the grand opening of Sophie's Place in Surrey, B.C. on Sunday.
Gene Simmons, his wife Shannon Tweed (Canadian by birth) and daughter Sophie were in attendance.
Gene kidded around with the band for one song.

I know who KISS is (are) (were) but I doubt I've heard one of there songs all the way through.
Cool makeup though.

There are a few additional pictures on flickr for any die-hard fans out there.


Andy said...

Nice close up. You did justice to Gene.

Paul in Powell River said...

I'm with you - I know who they are, but wouldn't/couldn't sit through a "song".

alex said...

nice hair.

Anonymous said...

Hah! I was going to link to Crazy Little Thing Called Love, but what do you know -- that was by Queen.

Wayne said...

I love Crazy Little Thing Called Love KB.

Whereas I could probably list several Queen songs I couldn't name a single KISS song (if song is the right term).

However, if I ever end up in the same place as Freddy Mercury I'll try to get a picture. :-)

It's inevitable that I'll end up in the same place as Freddy one day.

TheChieftess said...

Hah!!! I thought..."Hey! That guy in the Carnival Band looks a lot like Gene Simmons!!!"

Yeah...I wouldn't know a KISS song from a Queen song!!! Give me Louis Armstrong, Etta James (RIP), etc, etc...and I'll name a few!!!