Saturday 31 December 2011


Here at Meandering In Lotus Land we don't like to do actual research. 
It makes our brain hurt. 
A quick reconnoitre seems to indicate that this is an ex-church converted to apartments.

Prior St. @ Jackson St.


s.c said...

I am curious how this looks inside. But still interesting. The best for 2012

Virginia said...

What was your first clue?

AND...your headers shot is fabulous.

RedPat said...

That is happening all over the city here as more and more congregations struggle with the upkeep of the old churches!

Lowell said...

Holy Moley!

We've got lots of folks like those Meandering in Lotus Land. Actually, our Republican candidates for the presidential nomination qualify although it's not research that bothers them, it's the lack of brains!