Thursday 9 December 2010


I was unprepared. 
On Sunday morning I strolled out of the hotel and along came this streetcar. 
I grabbed a quick shot which would have ended in the trash if it weren't for Lightroom. 
I thought I'd see it again as I walked around.
But I never did see it again. 


Anonymous said...

It is a rare but beautiful photograph of a street car.

I saw your rescue via Lightroom. Do you have #3 or an earlier version. I got #1 and never liked it as much as I like Photoshop. I have used Photoshop a long time. Started out with Corel Draw and Corel Photo Paint but seldom use it these days.

Virginia said...

Photographers' luck W. Good one. You do love a vehicle don't you! HA

Wayne said...

Abe, I have Lightroom 2 and I didn't pay for it (don't ask) and I don't know how to use most of the features.

I may upgrade to Photoshop one day but I'd have to take a course on how to use it at the same time.

V, any shot that turns out for me is just luck.

TheChieftess said...

Love the Lightroom!!! I just upgraded to is so much simpler that Photoshop!!! I don't like fiddling with all the layers and stuff that Photoshop has...Lightroom is simple, has almost everything I need! I did take classes on both...and I do have Photoshop Elements, but rarely use it.

Whatever tweaks you needed to do for this photo are perfect!!! And it must have been pretty good in the beginning to be able to tweak it this good!!!

Andy said...

I'm a retired transit driver that drove most of my careerer in Toronto. It's amazing how the equipment can be restored but there's no hope for us retirees:) The tram has things you don't see any more. Wooden doors and wood frame windows. I see coloured lights inside so I assume it's all decorated for Christmas. Thanks for posting!

Leeds daily photo said...

I love riding on city trams, but sadly here in Leeds the trams ended in 1959. More recently there has been much talk about bringing them back, but it never came to anything.
I use Photoshop, but am still learning, it is quite complex. Never used Lightroom till maybe two weeks back and I can see why people like it.

TheChieftess said...

Lightroom is sooooo much easier than Photoshop...and for the photographer who doesn't want to do a lot of graphic is ideal!!! The orgainization is simple and the development mode is relatively simple and totally adequate...the only time I use photoshop is when I need to bump up into the graphic arts element...
Scott Kelby's book is a must, and I did take a class in it...(ok...I took it a couple of times, but it's adult ed and I missed a lot each time!!!) I tried Aperture recently and quit after about 3 sessions, and back to LR...that's when I upgraded!!! Well worth it!!!

Wayne said...

I haven't tried Photoshop but if it's trickier than LR there's little point. All I can do in LR is the basics. There is no doubt I'd benefit from a course.

Thanks Kathy

TheChieftess said... get the Scott Kelby's a great reference...and email me if you're stuck!!!

I'm still learning, and expect to be for years to come!!!