Tuesday 25 May 2010

Diamonds Are ….. Expensive

In some circles it must have been a big day when Tiffany and Co. pitched their tent in Vancouver. I don't travel in those circles.

I'd probably be arrested on suspicion if I set foot in the place.

There are at least two sets of doors like this. I've looked after buildings most of my working life and all I think when I look at this is 'how much did these doors cost and who made them?'


Unknown said...

How many people can afford to go through those doors without being arrested Wayne..?
Have a great daqy.

Virginia said...

Oh you big hopeless romantic you! March right in there and pick me up a little something, W. And would you ask them to wrap it in one of those pretty blue boxes??

TheChieftess said...

I have walked in, perused the store (in Pasadena), and can't say that I'm all that impressed. For all the hoopla over the name and the pretty blue box (which I like very much) the merchandise just doesn't do it for me!!! Give me an estate jewelry store any day of the week over the rather bland designs of their stuff...not that I'm in the market for any of it!!! (or so the Hubman tells me!)

Virginia said...

Oh I happen to know that the Chieftess has a Hubman that is very very thoughtful in the jewlery dept!!! Whooeee!

Wayne said...

I'd be thoughtful in the jewellery dept. too.

As in '… I'll think about it……..'

Ken Mac said...

went in the new york store once. Bought a bracelet for my girlfriend. Place made me very nervous.

Unknown said...

The door is fantastic! Love how you've cropped this!