Saturday 6 February 2010

100 Block W. Hastings

About 18 months ago I pointed out that the 100 block W. Hastings was just about the most desolate and decrepit block in the city.

Things are quite different now. I didn't see any dealers or junkies on this block at all yesterday. The last time I walked along here I was practically tripping over them.

What we see above, I hope, is a temporary facelift to make things look less rundown for all the Olympic visitors who may find themselves in the neighbourhood. This is more along the lines of movie set construction than heritage preservation. But many of the buildings have had some renovation.

Woodward's is the catalyst for all the other improvements in the vicinity.


Virginia said...

That reminds me......I need a facelift too.

Anonymous said...

I love Woodward's, it's the only place to get a good oil skin.

When LA had the Oly's in the mid 80's, they bussed all the homeless/junkies, et al, out to the desert. That story is absolutely true.