Sunday 27 December 2009

Pea Souper

Boxing Day morning in the cemetery


jennyfreckles said...

Wonderfully atmospheric shot. Thought for a moment it was a giant chess set!

Virginia said...

Superb composition W. Love the colors, the mood...everything. Take a bow.'

So what do you do up there on Boxing Day.....fight???

PS What's in those jugs?

Wayne said...

Among other things, Boxing Day was intended as a day to help the less well off. Now it's a day to shop, or return or exchange all the stuff you got for Christmas that you don't want.

You'll figure out the jugs Virginia. :)

Virginia said...

Really? The whole family all in one jug???

PS. I want a photo to frame. This is just a gorgeous photograph, W! ( At the risk of giving you the BIG head!)

Quirk said...

Nice shot! Dreamlike and stylish.