Monday 28 December 2009

Oil Skins & Crockery

Ever since  learned think for myself (yes, it was quite recently) I've been against the preservation of token facades while the heritage buildings themselves are demolished.

I'm prepared to soften my position slightly in the case of the Woodward's Project.

When I was a little kid these signs would have already been painted over. The original store was added to several times and this section was painted red to match the newer brick of the additions. It baffles me how these signs were preserved when the red paint was stripped away.

In this instance I think the facade will be a nice reminder of a fondly remembered Vancouver icon.

Here are some more signs, two blocks from Woodward's, that were just uncovered after being hidden for decades .


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Boy's Pants. I love the writing on the wall.

Wayne said...

There were a lot of these signs on Woodward's. We'll find out how many once the work is completed.

Yeah, what's with Boys Pants? Why not Boys Clothes? Or is there a sign that read Boys Shirts?

In the 50s and 60s, with 4 boys to feed and clothe Woodward's did very well off my parents. And vis versa. A lot of boys pants were purchased.

I've just reminded myself that many of the sales people worked there for a lifetime just as so many customers shopped there for a lifetime.