Friday 22 May 2009

Arthur Erickson 1924-2009

Arthur Erickson died yesterday. The announcement prompted me to photograph one of his Vancouver buildings. So I trekked out to UBC with the idea of photographing the Museum of Anthropology. I could have picked a closer example and maybe even got a better image. 

The museum has been undergoing renovations for quite some time and they are ongoing. According to the website an extensive upgrade of the building envelope (it leaked) is complete. Judging from the dirt in this shot there wasn't enough money left over for a good cleaning. 

Erickson's buildings are often distinguished by their masses of concrete. Some are also famous for leaking.


Virginia said...

Well I'm a little underwhelmed by this structure. I looks like the underside of stadium bleachers in a way. Maybe a once over with a power washer will help. Interesting info on the architect however.

Hilda said...

Unlike V, I actually like this building. Reminds me of Japanese torii.

Bob Crowe said...

The UBC anthro museum is one of best designed and most interesting museums I've seen anywhere in the world. Glad to hear that it's being kept up. Next time we're in Vancouver I'll throw in a couple of extra loonies for a big bucket and soap brush.

Anonymous said...

Frank Lloyd Wright was famous for leaky buildings too.

(Sorry V, I'm with Hilda on this one.)

Laurie Allee said...

I really like the lines here. Great eye!