Wednesday 18 March 2009

Tranquility Among The Towers

Last week, on a sunny day, I detoured through the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Gardens located on the western fringes of Chinatown.

There are two sections to the gardens, I'm in the 'free' section looking at the '$$' section. I remember when the gardens were created and recall that master craftsmen came from China to do much of the work. 

It's not a great photo. My producer/manager wanted me to go back for a better shot but I couldn't be bothered. That's ice on the water by the way.


Laurie Allee said...

I want to go there. But ice in the water? Really now... it's Spring!

I really like this shot. Your producer/manager is tough!

Jill said...

An interesting contrast of buildings Wayne. Nice shot.

Virginia said...

It's a thankless job Laurie! Low pay and nobody listens to my sage advice. For the record, I loved the shot but thought later in the day the light might have been softer, but what do I know???

PS I also tried to get him to go across to the $$$ side and take some shots but you see where that got me.

Anonymous said...

Wayne, there may well have been better shots to get, there always are, but this one is really good. I love the contrasts of the old and new, east meets west, plus low rise high/highrise.

I've not been to visit the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Gardens, so now it's on my list for next time. Thanks for sharing.

Babzy.B said...

A bit of China in Vancouver !

~Cheryl said...

That ice adds to the reflections. I haven't been to the $$ side but have to say the free side is beautiful! We enjoyed it and I'm enjoying this reminder. Thanks!

Ken Mac said...

what a wild juxtaposition!