Tuesday 17 March 2009

84 years, same location

The Ching Wing Chun Society has been assisting Chins, Chans and Chens at the same address since 1925.

Excerpted from a 2007 Planning Report to city council:

The heritage value of the Chin Wing Chun Society building is in its use as a Society building providing support and protection to generations of people with the surname 'Chin', 'Chan', or 'Chen', and it's exemplary architecture representing the Chinatown style unique to Vancouver.

A grant was approved for the restoration of the facade. I don't think the work has been completed but the building looks quite spiffing nevertheless.


Virginia said...

What an interesting post today! I am curious why just 3 names but assume there's a good reason for it. I love the building , the balconies etc. Is that a restaurant on the ground level? Connected with the society???
I"m full of questions!!

PS My word Ver. is DINGSE. That's me!

Copenhagen said...

A very interesting architecture. Where are other societies for other surnames.