Friday 13 February 2009

Import - Export

This container appeared to have furniture on it.


PinkPanthress said...

This simple pictures stirs some funny emotions inside me. It's hard to explain but it 'conveys' a new beginning, a new start! :)

Really like it, made my day!

Guy D said...

Great shots as always, and your header photo still blows me away. Well done.

Have a great weekend!
Regina In Pictures

Laurie Allee said...

I've been taking whatever PinkPanthress has been taking because I feel the same way about this image and have no rational explanation for it. It really cheered me when I saw it. How on earth can a big truck express optimism and convey a new start? Wayne, you're doing voodoo on us again.

Anonymous said...

the voodoo didn't make it up the mountain.

My word verification is dumhot. Maybe that's why.

Virginia said...

OK you win. You don't say a word all day and wait for me to take the guilt trip to nowhere. OK, OK , OK! That's some orange trailer, thing! I don't know what else to say. It's orange and I like the color. Now , it's your turn to return the favor s'il vous plait!

Anonymous said...

Well, I have made use of containers a few times in my transcontinental moves, so I guess they are a symbol of new beginnings.