Wednesday 18 February 2009


It was sunny Sunday and I took a walk along part of the seawall. 

A while back, during my Granville Island Period, I took a shot of the cement plant but did not include a picture of the gravel barges that bring gravel from quarries up the coast to supply the plant. Here it is.

The barge is the yellow one. 


PinkPanthress said...

Yellow... I can see a pattern in this... <_<

Anonymous said...

I wonder how they get the gravel out of the barges up into the cement plant? They must have an auger of some sort.

Nice photography. A combination of colors and texture.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

Martin MY said...

Very fresh feel here, the water always looks so clean.

Laurie Allee said...

Wayne, you're in your yellow period.

I love this shot. In fact, I love all of your shots of yellow things!

Lois said...

More yellow! I love it.

Virginia said...

Your "Yellow Period! HA Well I'm waiting on the "Fancy Shops Period" personally, or maybe your "Kittens and Puppies Period"!!!!

I do like the cute yellow barge but wouldn't mind a ride on that nice fishing boat scooting up the middle. BTW, my ex was in the cement business, thus my lack of enthusiasm for the cement paraphernalia

Lori said...

I guess they were unloading the barge at that point. There is so much activity on the water in Vancouver.

Jane Hards Photography said...

You make my harbour look puny. Beautiful colouring to the water too.