Sunday 4 January 2009

Still Working My Way Downtown

The View From Cambie and Broadway.

This area, along with others where Canada Line construction has been underway for at least two years, is a constant traffic snarl. It's better now than it has been but it's still bad. 

Just for the sheer heck of it I took a shot yesterday during another snow fall.


Debbie Courson Smith said...

Wow - more snow? I suppose it's headed statesidee??

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! More pretty snow in Vancouver! You guys going for some kind of record?

Wayne said...

Rob, I think we're in the history books as of yesterday. Today for sure. It's still snowing (freezing rain actually) tonight. But will wrap up soon.

Debbie, Of course, we send you all our great weather. We're not selfish.

le chat said...

I encountered something mix with rain, wet snow, freezing rain, strong wind and hail on my way home from work today. They hit me from all directions even inside the bus shelter. I couldn't walk and the bus didn't come. Is any intellectual being out there tell me what was that stuff? I must be damned because I didn't take the lord's order to rest on the seventh day. lechat

Anonymous said...

You orange barrels reminds me of the intersection of the two largest interstate systems in the world. I-70 which is our East and West super highway system and I-75 which is our North and South system to Florida etc.

Anyway, they cross about 8 miles from where I live and they are constantly changing something there. Now, they have changed it totally and have high up in the sky long curved roadways that cross each other and it has taken years to get this far and it still isn't open.

And, can you imagine trying to cross one of those high in the sky bridges when it is below freezing or raining ice. Wow.

Mo said...

Wow that's a lot of snow