Friday 2 January 2009


Getting inside Holy Name Catholic Church to take some photos of the glass was not as easy as one might expect. Without going into a great palaver, suffice it to say I finally made it. 

I'm very fond of the simple geometric pattern and the pink and blue colour used in these windows.

I had actually spent a few hours looking for information on this church and these windows and it wasn't until after the post was published that I discovered that the windows are listed in the Public Art Registry. 

I'm gaining a lot of respect for folks who conduct any sort of research, it's not as easy as it might seem.


Virginia said...

Once you learn how to sweet talk, you won't have so much trouble getting into places like this.

I top photo is just great. Love the shadows on the floor. The glass reminds me of craftsman style. Maybe that's not right. I am sure you can correct me on that.

PS My word ver. is jagme, rhymes with NAG ME!

Bob Crowe said...

Hmmm, were the Catholics reluctant to let someone make a record of their architecture? The St. Louis Cathedral Basilica lets anyone take pictures if a service isn’t going on and you mind your manners. That's someplace I should return to.

I particularly like the first picture for its sense of interior light, defining the space. Stained glass has always been hard for me to expose just right. I suppose, as they say, I could look it up. It's like one of the maxims for our firm, "when all else fails, look up the law."

Tash said...

The first photo is magical.

USelaine said...

Great light flows and artwork!

Sharon said...

Those windows are just beautiful. Well worth the trouble getting in.

Hilda said...

Beautiful light and shadows in the first photo, Wayne.

I'd love to see each symbol on the windows more closely. The simple Way of the Cross against the panes is brilliance from the designer. It shows up wonderfully against the light.

PJ said...

It isn't just this church, it's most churches. They have to keep people out vandalism. I'm glad you were allowed to photograph it, it's really extraordinary.

Wayne said...

I've been poking around my bookmarks for inspiration on what to post once my current exercise in tedium is wrapped up.

It turns out that the windows in this church are on the Public Art Registry. Geez Louise!

Bob, the cathedral downtown seems to be open most of the time. I think it depends on whether there are sufficient priests, staff or volunteers available to be in the church when it is open. Most probably don't have the resources.

I'm grateful I finally worked it out.

Babzy.B said...

i like the first shot the light and the shadows are beautiful :)

Jane Hards Photography said...

Love the light and difussion of colour

Janet Kincaid said...

Wow! I really like that first photo. The light and lines are amazing!

Wasn't there a time when all Catholic churches' doors were open and you could go in without making an appointment? I have the same challenge here, when I want to photograph anything Catholic other than the Basilica or the Cathedral. Of course, at one church I photographed, I can understand why the doors are locked during the day. A few years ago, the bells were stolen from the belfry. No idea how or who, but there you have it. Gone. (Who steals bells, anyway? Is there a special place in hell for that?)