Sunday 7 December 2008


West Vancouver's Ambleside pier

I'm on a train trip to Toronto but I'll be checking in whenever I have internet access. Back 12/16/08


Guy D said...

Beautiful shot with amazing colors. Well done.

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Bergson said...

I like this fishermen

great shot

Virginia said...

Wow, this is a great sunset shot. Careful, you are not going to be able to classify yourself as a duffer if you keep cranking these shots out. Like the boys silhouetted against the sky. Take a bow Mr. Grinch.

PS Guess what is playing on my VCR (YES, a VCR, stop laughing) for my grandson? Yep, the Grinch!

Bob Crowe said...

Oh, come now. You will have us thinking that you've moved to Sarasota.

Jim said...

Very nice shot. Great sunset and silhouettes.

Jane Hards Photography said...

You think you're a duffer. You churn out shots like this and you're no duffer. This is such a classy shot.