Thursday 11 December 2008

Frank O. Gehry

A bonus of taking the train trip to Toronto was the chance to have a look at the new Frank Gehry building.

Frank Gehry was born in Toronto. The renovation and expansion of the Art Gallery of Ontario, aka, the AGO, is his first and only project in Canada.

I was shocked by the treatment of the front of the building, and not in a good way. But I included the above shot because I really like Toronto's streetcars, the Red Rockets. The rear view of the AGO is another story. 

I'd be taking a lot of shots of this view if I lived in Toronto. 

To my surprise another major architectural landmark has been built in Toronto since my last visit. The Sharp Centre for Design is right next to the AGO. It is hardly possible to be looking at the AGO and not have the Sharp Centre in your view as well, which strikes me as a less than ideal juxtaposition for the sake of the architects but I don't know that they have any problem with it. 

I'd be taking a whole bunch of shots of this building too if I lived in TO. You can explore Toronto by checking out Rob's Inukshuk Adventure, or Steve's Toronto Daily Photo

Architect: Will Alsop
Completed: 2004

Pictures of an art gallery will substitute for the regularly scheduled Public Art Day shot this week only.

I'm away from home until Dec. 16. The next few days will have boring old holiday snaps from Ottawa, Toronto or somewhere between them and Vancouver. 


Anonymous said...

Hey, you're on my turf!
Just kidding, nice to see your pics of Toronto and read your opinions.

Hope you are having a great time here and it's not too cold for you.

Janet Kincaid said...

Yep, that's definitely a Gehry. To see come pictures of his building in Seattle, go here and check out the pictures of the EMP. I think Maya posted them on Sunday or Monday.