Saturday 15 November 2008

Royal Sweet Diamond

It's Public Art Saturday.

Joe Fafard is pretty famous in Canada but I'm not sure how well he is known elsewhere. There is a really nice installation of his work in Toronto called the pasture

The Chocolate Lab got pretty excited about this statue and jumped up against it at one point. 

Whether there is anything more than coincidence to the fact that this piece was purchased installed by the late Jack Diamond I do not know.

I'm working on the Civic Election today so it's out before dawn and home about 9:00 p.m. I must have had a moment of weakness when I signed up for this.

Artist: Joe Fafard
Installed: 2000


Laurie Allee said...

This made me laugh. (I am fairly certain that would get me kicked out of many artistic circles.) My daughter would want to climb on that and ride it!

Good luck with your election duties. What a good citizen!

Bob Crowe said...

Reminds me a bit of my son's posts for the last couple of days at his Chicago Flair DPB. The only large metal animal I can think of in St. Louis is a crazed rabbit,

Virginia said...

WHO is going to keep you in line while I am out of the country??? Maybe Laurie will. I'll be checking, W!

Benjamin Madison said...

Thanks for introducing me to this artist. As for Jack Diamond, wasn't he Pacific Meat? So a big bull like this would have been the perfect symbol for him (though he was also very into race horses).

Jill said...

Interesting sight. I can see why the Lab got a little excited.

Hilda said...

Hope the lab didn't do anything worse than jump on it.

The CDP portal says it's your birthday, so I came by to wish you a wonderful one! Though if you're at the polls, I guess the celebration will have to wait.

Wayne said...

Laurie, I think it's expected that it will be climbed upon. And I'll bet there are dozens of snaps out there of drunken revellers sitting on it. My sense is it's virtually indestructible.

Bob, I saw those Chicago pics of the bison, but I didn't know that was your son's blog. Thanks, W.

V. I had planned to go nuts while your weren't watching but now I realize that it would all get back to you so I'm just going to sit in the corner until you get home.

Hilda, Thanks, I didn't actually realize my birthday was public knowledge but I know it says Scorpio in my profile. That will tell the astrology types all they need to know about me. I once read a humorous summary of all the astrology signs. It listed the various traits, quirks and foibles of Scorpios and in the end it said 'Scorpios' are generally murdered'. This, I suspect, is because they finally annoy the wrong person.

Benjamin, That's the guy. One of these days I want to go over to the track to see if I can take some photos of the place. I've never really been there but it must have one of the more outstanding views in all of the Lower Mainland.