Sunday 2 November 2008

Country Bumpkin

You can believe it or not but this is Vancouver, about 20 minutes on transit from my place. I'm a stubble-jumper at heart.

Southlands is a neighbourhood with more horses than people as far as I can tell. Owners board their horses and come to ride and train them here. 

Southlands has two golf courses on the east and two on the west and the Fraser River on the south. Apologies for the poor quality of the photo below. As I have proven before, I can't photograph anything that moves.

More Southlands tomorrow and the next day and the day after that. 

A beautiful horse. The rider was cute too.


Benjamin Madison said...

Excellent horse photography!

Virginia said...

Both photos are wonderful. Not a thing wrong with that moving target. Do you ever post process with Picasa ( which my Mac Dudes continue to tell me I can't use with my Mac) ? Oh and I note that you may have changed your photo but your lecherous tendancies remain. Tsk tsk

Wayne said...

I wouldn't dream of contradicting your 'mac dudes' V. If Blogger won't load a photo for whatever reason I can always load it from Picasa. But the result always seems inferior. Lately I haven't had much trouble going directly from iPhoto to Blogger.

The only diddling I ever do, if any, is in iPhoto. If it's possible to diddle with the photos after they're in Picasa I missed that lesson.

I wondered when someone would comment on my new photo. It's a pretty good likeness and I'm also a snappy dresser. I always thought Don Martin was hilarious. I'm sure he is one of the people responsible for my being as warped as I am.

Virginia said...

Who the hairy is Don Martin?? Refresh my memory, i wish someone could!

Picasa works just like IPHOTO, maybe not as "high tech". I forgot you were a Mac user too. I keep reverting to IPHOTO instead of making myself learn Elements. My learning curve has gone the way of my other "curves", downhill.

ft. lauderdale daily photo said...

I love Vancouver and thought your first photo was beautiful. As for shooting moving creatures, there's a reason you don't see too many dog-and-pony shots on my site! :)

Clueless in Boston said...

Beautiful looking horses. I like the second picture too, nice composition and I agree with you about the rider.

Benjamin Madison said...

Virginia, Don Martin was one of the cartoonists that made Mad Magazine so great.

Mame said...

Makes me want to go riding. Or be a horse in a field left to graze and avoid things like upgrading wireless router software. Thanks for the trip to the Southland ranch.