Sunday 14 September 2008


It's not a freeway. Vancouver decided many years ago not to have freeways in the city. This is the Georgia Viaduct linking Main St. and points east to downtown. 

A few years ago the city built a skateboard park, seen here, in an unused area under the bridge. 
It's quiet in this shot but it seems to be a popular spot for boarders.

The sky came out white in this shot so I decided to post in black and white.

I'm off galavanting. I've pre-scheduled posts until 9/15 for consistency but I'll be reading comments while I'm away. 


Jane Hards Photography said...

Excellent shot. Real wow! going into that v shape with the light above. factor. stunned it's not a Freeway(motorway we say)but a viaduct. Interesting use of space the skateboard park too. Really great post, and I do like this shot.

Laurie Allee said...

Hey Wayne, great minds think alike! I posted a skate park today, too. Though my shot isn't nearly this dramatic. I agree with Babooshka -- this shot is a real wow!

Virginia said...

Two good ideas here: 1. Put the skateboarders somewhere where the noise doesn't drive the neighbors crazy and everybody is happy.
2. If your sky was blown out, BW was the perfect choice. In fact I think I prefer it anyway. I love how BW can be the"photographer's friend". I use it for that quite a lot. I like your shot as well!

Ken said...

Nice photo. Black and white really makes the shot.

Burd Zel Krai said...
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Burd Zel Krai said...

urgh i think i accidentally deleted my comment! :S how bizarre
anyway just wanted to say how amazing i thought it was that you and laurie covered the same subject matter today!
and a very dramatic shot - i couldnt figure out what it was, was sure it was a freeway until i spotted the skaters you mentioned!
keep up the good work! and yes, black and white can be a real pal Virginia :P

Ming the Merciless said...

What is a viaduct? Is that like a side street?

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Lori said...

The black and white was a great choice. I love the angles in this shot. It's a very artistic photo.

Wayne said...

Thanks for the great comments. I lived very near here when the park was proposed and, as always, there was some opposition. The kids aren't supposed to skateboard after 10:00 PM. I haven't heard of any complaints and it's been there a few years now.

Well, I could go ahead and try to find a dictionary definition for viaduct. But I'm pretty lazy. Think of any structure that carries road or rail, over a gulley, valley. gulch, ravine, etc. But, I hear you say, 'what makes it different from a bridge????' Beats the heck out of me. I'm going to say it's not going over a body of water but now I'm really reaching.

Miriam Webster is spinning in his grave.

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

great photo - I agree with virginia about the placement of the skateboard park - I think the difference between a viaduct and a bridge is that viaducts consists of several arched spans all joined, whereas a bridge is generally a single span.