Saturday 9 August 2008

Hanging Gardens

After almost 30 years the Robson Square complex started to show it's age. I knew there was extensive renovation happening but I don't live nearby now and I wasn't paying attention. The other day I was surprised to find the place looks almost new.

At the Law Courts building, seen here, the greenery is intended to soften what might otherwise be the harsh look of massive concrete elements. 

Architect: Arthur Erickson
Completed: 1979


Barbara Rahal said...

nice shot Wayne!!!

Sally said...

That looks really terrific!

Thanks for your visit to me at Sydney Daily Photo

Anonymous said...

That looks fantastic - I can think of plenty of concrete monstrosities here that could really benefit from this sort of treatment!

Thanks for your comment at Glasgow DP, and for the coffee table books suggestion. I'm happy for you to run with it if you like ;)

Jackie (Glasgow DP)