Friday 8 August 2008


This shed got a new coat of paint since I was by here last.

Real Estate prices in Vancouver have reached the pinnacle, they are going downhill now. How fast and how far is $64,000.00 question. 

Vancouver is home to several excellent RE blogs. Condohype is entertaining whether you live here or not. Check it out for a clever, insightful take on the fantasy world of condo marketing.

If the pic is slightly blurry it's because my camera was on the wrong setting. 


Tash said...

spectacular color & fun angle. i noticed later that the building was shown next to the RED. Well done. Welcome to CDP. wonderful contributions

Wayne said...

Thanks, now that I have most of the bugs worked out I'm enjoying myself.

Anonymous said...

The picture looks pretty good to me (I've had some very happy accidents with the camera on the wrong setting!). I love the colours and the quirky angle.

Jackie (Glasgow DP)