Sunday 16 February 2014


Sunday Feature - Another Place, Another Time
I remember clearly taking this shot and I remember not taking enough time with it.
I printed this and had it framed on the wall for years.
But I couldn't get it to look any good in colour when I scanned it recently.
So, I did like the pros do, I converted it to BW.
It still doesn't look very good.

Paris, 1995


Revrunner said...

I don't know, I still think it's wall-worthy. :-)

Revrunner said...
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cath said...

C'est très bien comme cela c'est une bonne photo!
Bon dimanche!

Stephanie said...

I think it is frame worthy shot.

TheChieftess said...

It's got a lot of potential though...I can't you have Lightroom? If so...bump up the black and shadow...darken the highlights a touch...maybe even do a slight that it isn't obvious...just slightly darker around the edges...

I like!!!

Wayne said...

Kathy, nah, it's a lost cause. I won't be visiting this one again. :-)