Thursday 16 January 2014


From time to time I go to one of the botanical gardens in town with my macro lens.
Otherwise I'm not much of a one for just photographing flowers.
When I do it's as much about the background as it is about the flower.

I'll be in LA for a few days.
If I photograph anything interesting I'll post it.


Andy said...

When I read the title "Rosebud" I was expecting to see a sled. Instead the photo turned out much better than what I had in mind. Wayne you are right about the background. You made an excellent choice.

cath said...

Très jolie photo !

TheChieftess said...

Well darn!!! I'm heading to LA the week after next!!! Beautiful shot...and love the background!!! Descanso Gardens in La Canada and the Huntington Library in Pasadena have fabulous gardens!!! And Altadena Hiker is a docent at the Huntington!!!

Stephanie said...

Breathtaking shot!