Wednesday 22 January 2014

Harbour Air

Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre
My objective is usually sharp, clear images with low noise.
There are a few hurdles to clear when photographing float planes at night.
Since I wasn't able to clear most of the hurdles we don't have a sharp, clear image.
I decided to post it anyway.

I don't pay much attention to such things but I guess about five days ago we hit post #2000.
If anyone is surprised by this they're no more surprised than I am.


Revrunner said...

Great image! How many places in the world are you likely to find such similar aircraft parked in a row like this and with such an interesting background?

Stephanie said...

Love the shot!

Jesse Whitehead said...

Is that every day for 5.5 years???

Wayne said...

Jesse, I didn't do the math but it started in August 2008 so I guess the answer it yes, sort of. :-)

TheChieftess said...

Love the shot!!! And congratulations on 2000+!!!

Jesse Whitehead said...

When is the retrospective coming out??

Wayne said...

You probably shouldn't hold your breath Jesse.

Virginia said...

2000??? Wonderful W. Keep it up.

And as for this photo, I'm so taken with the cool light and repetition, I'm giving you an A+. And besides, I think tack sharp, low noise is overrated.