Sunday 5 January 2014

Fraser Island

Sunday Feature - Another Place, Another Time
We are in the process of trying to teach ourself to scan colour negatives.
Slides were a walk in the park by comparison.
It's going to be a long slog.
This is Fraser Island off the coast of Queensland near Brisbane, Australia.


Merisi said...

Beautiful image!
Who needs Instagram? ;-)

Merisi said...
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TheChieftess said...

It is beautiful!!! Love the greenish that the color it was or is it tinted from age???

Wayne said...

Kathy, a bit of both I suppose. I wouldn't try to scan a neg unless it looked pretty good on the light table. But trying to get what you see on the desk to come out of the scanner accurately is an art (or science) I haven't figured out yet.

TheChieftess said...

Interesting that a negative is that much harder to scan than a slide...they seem like they would be the same.
I admire your tenacity at learning the scanning process!!!

Wayne said...

I wish they were the same. :-)

I can't take any credit for tenacity, I haven't tried to scan anything for weeks. :-)

I have a new toy now, an Epson printer. Fortunately, the printer is easy to operate compared with the scanner.

Stephanie said...

I must look into finding a way to scan my slides to the computer. I used to have a scanner that did this but no longer have it. Nice shot!