Monday 2 December 2013

Another #&^@! Parade

The Rogers Santa Claus Parade almost passed me by this year.
I only heard it mentioned in passing once just a few days ago 
Everyone else in town knew about it of course.
Even though I hadn't gone through channels they gave me a media pass on site when I asked for one.
As they say, when everyone else is pointing their cameras one way, point yours the other way.
Some of the best shots are in the audience.


Gunn said...

Well seen & well done !:)
Just superb!

Revrunner said...

I thought there for a moment that it was some kind of Santa Claus graduation ceremony. ;-)

Kate said...

But don't all those Santas disillusion the kids? Wonderful expression on the father's face; his jacket indicates that he is on the police force?

Wayne said...

Thanks Gunn.

Rev, they're all impostors, a choir actually.

Kate, good eye, yep he's a motorcycle cop. (I didn't even notice that until you pointed it out).

TheChieftess said...

Great shot Wayne!!!

RedPat said...

Love that 2nd shot, Wayne!

Stephanie said...

Great shot!