Sunday 19 May 2013

Mexican Riviera

Sunday Feature - Another Place, Another Time
In 1981 cruise ships were much smaller than now.
I sailed on the M.V. Odessa a couple of times.
At 650 passengers it was the right size for me. 
Eventually I went off cruising altogether.

Cabo San Lucas, 1981


Stefan Jansson said...

Never been on a real cruise, but I have travelled between the Greek isles a lot. A few hours on a ship is enough for me.

Stephanie said...

Cruising does not appeal to me. Prefer a quiet place. Nice one!

Taken For Granted said...

Fine photo. Is the blue shift a consequence of deterioration of old negatives? I'm right with you on cruising. Huge modern ships release thousands of tourist at a time into small towns with a fraction the population, so the tourists get to see other tourists mostly.

Wayne said...

TFG, It's a scanned slide and there is lots about scanning I haven't figured out. I don't get the sense that the slides have deteriorated significantly but after messing with the colour for a while that's what I came up with.

Stephanie said...

Do you mind telling us how you are scanning them. I have a lot of slides that would be nice to be showcased on my blog.

Wayne said...

Stephanie, I have an Epson V700 scanner. They are a good quality scanner but quite expensive. As I mentioned there is a rather steep learning curve when it comes to operating them.

They are available in Canada.