Wednesday 26 December 2012


False Creek, 15:30
Vancouver looks like this quite often in winter.
The snow tends to stay were it belongs with the odd exception.
And the weather can be grey.
The lack of sunshine depresses us so the circus comes to town to cheer us up.
For a hundred bucks a head, or so.
It cheers me no end just knowing I saved the hundred bucks.

On a more interesting note, the crows fly east to a spot in Burnaby every day at dusk.
Why they don't just stay in Burnaby and avoid the commute isn't a question I can answer.


s.c said...

Still they bring some color in the city. Great shot Wayne

RedPat said...

Love the shot, Wayne!

TheChieftess said...

There must me nicer trees for the money in Burnaby...

CaT said...

hahahahaha, indeed. so now you can spend it on something nice!