Tuesday 18 September 2012

Mom And Pop

Pepsi Pepsi
In my childhood there was a 'corner store' on almost every … corner.
If I hadn't kicked my popsicle and penny candy habit a few more might have survived.

Vernon Dr. @ E. Georgia St.


Andy said...

This store has a lot of ware and tear on it. I also have the memories of theses stores. I used to buy a bottle of pop for 8 cents to drink in the store. It was 10 cents if you took it out of the store. 2 cents was deposit on the bottle. I could go on and tell you about the yo-yo man but this is a photo blog and not a memory lane blog.

hamilton said...

I remember these stores well. the owners knew everyone in the neighbourhood, too, which meant you could keep track of your friends and your mum could keep track of you.

RedPat said...

And you could get a whole assortment of candies for a nickel! 3 of these for 1 penny, 2 of those .....etc!

Paul in Powell River said...

And comics! ... all my paper route tips, such as they were, went into comics at the corner store.