Friday 20 July 2012

Orange Mack

I take lots of pictures of trucks.
Very few are posted here so as not to scare away my handful of loyal followers.
Here we have the installation of an additional high voltage line underground.

Somewhere in Kitsilano 


Virginia said...

It's my lucky day!

Paul in Powell River said...

Pulling a length of cable that size is not for the weak or old. Makes me glad I'm a retired electrician!

Wayne said...

Paul, one of the guys told me the cable was going from Sperling substation (Arbutus and King Ed) to Cathedral Square (Dunsmuir and Richards). A few kms at the very least.

CaT said...

i like the ones with CAT on them. i usually take a picture when i see one... :)
but they always turn out crappy... :( so please, im waiting for a good one here!

Taken For Granted said...
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Taken For Granted said...

Love trucks and machinery, the older the better. I would be delighted to have you post more of them. Interesting that the truck color about matches the safety cones. Interesting shot.