Thursday 21 June 2012

Old Bank

906 Main
This Bank Of Montreal branch closed and was mostly vacant for eons.
It's a 'listed' building so a condo complex had to build around it.
In recent years it's had one or two tenants.
I think it's a blue jeans store c/w coffee shop now.

Main St. at Prior St.


s.c said...

Perhaps a place to make a great city house or is that not done.

Unknown said...


My first real job was at THAT Bank of Montreal. It was my job to sweep the front sidewalk every morning

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RedPat said...

It's a great looking building - glad it must be saved!

TheChieftess said...

It is a great looking building..not sure a jeans store can do it justice though!!! A cool upscale restaurant...or coffee house that features music...I can think of a lot of things!!!