Saturday 12 May 2012

Play Ball

The Mounties sent these two members to Canada Place for some PR.
You could have your picture taken with them for a donation. 
The money went to an animal shelter.
'Coyote' is chasing a ball not a felon.

Who, other than me, wouldn't want their picture taken with a Mountie in red serge?
The place was swarming with cruise ship passengers so business was brisk.


Kate said...

Both Mounties and dog are photogenic.

Andy said...

Nice shot Wayne. In my opinion the Mounties have the best police uniforms in Canada.

Paul in Powell River said...
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TheChieftess said...

@ Andy...I think they have the best police uniforms universally!!! (and I'm married to a Chief!) I'd want my pic with one of these guys!!!

Love the shot Wayne...great capture of the dog...and I like the angle...well done!!!

RedPat said...

That has to be the quintessential Canadian pic - standing by a Mountie. And the dog just makes it better!

Stefan Jansson said...

Very cool.