Saturday 5 May 2012

50s Modern

Wong Residence
I've always been drawn to this house.
It turns out that it is regarded as a fine example of the style.
It's very unusual to see a rock like this left in place in Vancouver but the landscape architect, Cornelia Oberlander got an exemption back in 1955.

Wong Residence, 1955
Architect: Duncan McNab
Cambie St.


s.c said...

Somebody who was or is definitely influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Stefan Jansson said...

Is it very different from the neighbouring houses?

Andy said...

There's no shortage of windows in the house. Judging from the sky they are about to get rained on.

Paul in Powell River said...

I like them too - as Andy said, lots of light.

RedPat said...

One of my favourite styles of house. Love that rock!

TheChieftess said...

Very vintage...I love the windows!!!