Tuesday 27 March 2012


There is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary about this picture.
It's the Downtown Eastside.

Hastings and Main


s.c said...

Looks like it is everywhere the same. But good shot for remembering the street scene of this time.

Andy said...

I've seen scenes like this in Toronto. You are right Wayne. A person becomes accustomed to seeing this in certain parts of a city. True but sad.

Stephen said...

Nothing out of the ordinary? The sun's shining!

Lynne with an e said...

A veritable Fred Herzogian moment, updated. Did you get to see his big exhibit out at the new Equinox gallery space in Noman`s Land? I think it's on till March 31. Worth the trip.

Paul in Powell River said...

Ordinary, unfortunate, but true. And I agree , a Herzogian moment.

Wayne said...

Good point Stephen, that was unusual.

Lynne, I did see the Herzog show and really enjoyed it. I'm a fan for Fred's work.

Thanks for the comments.

CaT said...

hahaha, funny.
what about the policeman? is he saying something to the viking?