Tuesday 20 March 2012

Insanity ...

Knock Down
... defined.
Here's a direct contrast to yesterday's image.
This house, like many in the neighbourhood, has been neglected and probably unoccupied for a long time.
 Developers will demolish it in favour of higher density housing (condos and townhouses) eventually.
I've heard of houses like this selling for $3,000,000,00 in the Cambie Corridor

W. 41st Ave. between Cambie St. and Oak St.


Andy said...

The price is staggering. It must be on a very large lot??

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine them not being torn down by the city. They are around here.

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Wayne said...

Andy, all the lots in the area look to be the same size, 33' frontage, usually about 120' deep.

I'll check it out Abe.

Paul in Powell River said...

It's hard to fault the seller, but that kind of money really is insanity. I'm sure glad I live in a small town with affordable housing.

TheChieftess said...

That's amazing...it must be the property value...which is equally amazing. An old family friend had a house on the beach in Sunset Beach, California...it was a darling 3 bedroom quintessential beach house...our friend told us that he was offered around $900,000 sight unseen...about 25 years ago!!! But it was on the water, in a fabulous beach community, in Southern California! I'm sure now it's been torn down (he passed away about 20 years ago) and replaced with a monster home that's worth millions!!! If this is slated for high density housing, that would certainly push the price up...When I was in Vancouver about 5 years ago, I was amazed at the amount of high rise living!!!

RedPat said...

Your real estate market is crazier than ours and ours doesn't make any sense half the time. If you don't own already it sure is hard to get into the market.

CaT said...

thats a lot of money..!
from the pic you cannot really tell its not maintained, but for the sun-thingie (i dont know the word right now)..

Wayne said...

CaT, sun thingy = awning. In person the house looks more uncared for.